miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013


Kaixo, nere alabaren aurreko 3 asteetako txaparen ondoren, gaur goizean azkenean hauetako panpina bat egitea egokitu zait. Txinoa irekita zegoenez, falta zitzaikigun gauzak erosi ahal izan ditugu. Lehen aldia da horrelako gauza bat egiten dudala, beraz, ez falta askorik atera. Ondo bukatu aste burua.

Hello, good sunday afternoon all. It is a short post to share something different that I made today. This weekend promised to be particularly productive but at the end the only thing I managed to start and finish was this doll that my daughter has named Vicky. After about 3 weeks be listening my daughter that she wanted "TO DO" one of these, finally this morning we consulted on you tube, we went to a bazaar open 7 days a week to buy the materials that we were missing and "WE" make one.
Is the very first time that I made something like this, so don´t look her in great detail. Clearly doll face painting is not my best choice.

Really is not the better craft to an 8 years kid to use THE IRON, the HOT GLUE GUN and HOT GUN that uses to EMBOSS too and impossible to leave she alone, so all sunday missing for me on this doll.

Most of the tools to make this doll are the same as those used to Scrap; included up listed and also punches, ric-rac scissors......

It hasn´t been a craft that has me excited so much so until my daughter been heavy with this again, I am surprised that I get to do another fofucha.

Well that is all for today. Have a great end of the weekend.


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