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Inge´s 3th entry to the Ribbon Girl child´s challenge

Finally the LAST post:

I'm having a lot of problems with internet and I don´t know how many times I had to restart the router and the laptop (this is to leave things to the last moment, heh, heh ...)

Those posts are the cards that my daughter and soon made for The Ribbon Girl

Children's Christmas Craft Challenge 2013

I told they if would engage into the child´s challenge, and with no doubt they say YES ("mum´s run" like say my little).

I have given absolute freedom to use anything they wanted from my craftroom EXCEPT HOT GLUE GUN.

They have been working in the storaje/craft room, where I have lots of CARDS with I do not know what to do stacked, from which it is clear that they have taken many ideas to copy.

They have been busy doing these SCRAP projects on holidays and helping each them without fighting ...........how.....love these challenges; really!

My daughter works and plays perfectly with the big shot, what plates should use the DIES .... although I admit that I have got a little panic .........

Here my daughter´s 3th card  (they have been so bussy and really excyted):

She has painted another digi (they really enjoy a lot coloring with mum´s copics) but has not had time to do anything with it. 

Thanks to The Ribbon Girl for offering to children this fantastic opportunity to be creative and participate, they spent a few days helping each other very entertained.

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  1. Hello again Inge - your ice skating card is gorgeous! beautifully coloured with your Mums copics pens - also the ribbon bow is lovely! Thanks for joining in with this second card to the Ribbon Girl challenge! Good luck, Mary x