sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Unax´s SECOND entry to TRG child´s challenge

Hi today I come with something a little different and not into my main blog.

Those posts are the cards that my daughter and soon made for The Ribbon Girl

Children's Christmas Craft Challenge 2013.

I told they if would engage into the child´s challenge, and with no doubt they say YES ("mum´s run" like say my little).

All you're going to see (EVERYTHING) they has done alone. This was the first thing I said; if you want to participate you can not cheat and don´t ask me to do ANYTHING.

I have given absolute freedom to use anything they wanted from my craftroom EXCEPT HOT GLUE GUN.

My daughter is 8 years called Inge and my soon is named Unax and he is 5 years.
Thanks everyone for supporting those next posts  ;)

My son´s second card:

He has colored a few images also to choose from, here is he painting one of them with my sketch markers:

Thanks for offering children this fantastic opportunity to be creative and participate.

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  1. Hello again Unax - what fabulous colouring you did! You have made a wonderful card - thank you for your second entry to The Ribbon Girl Childrens Christmas Craft Challenge! Mary x